Best Cheap Android Phone

There’s no doubt that in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, having a good quality smartphone in hand is a must. It’s no secret that selecting a good phone and carrier can be quite confusing, to say nothing of costly if the wrong choice is made. Our goal is to make selecting an affordable, quality Android smartphone as simple and streamlined as possible. Not only will we break down the features of the phones, but we’ll provide user ratings, specifications and provide an easy to navigate comparison chart to help you with the selection of your new device. You can rest assured that any phone presented in our guide will be of the highest quality and meet your unique personal needs. All phones featured in our guide are fully unlocked and can be used with any GSM phone carrier worldwide.

What is an unlocked cell phone?

When you purchase an unlocked cell phone, what you are purchasing is a device that you can use on any GSM supported cellular network. In the United States, the two most popular GSM networks are AT&T and T-Mobile, however, there exist many companies that allow you to utilize their networks with your unlocked phone. Another great benefit to having an unlocked phone is the ability to use it anywhere you travel in the world. While different countries have different cellular networks, the GSM standard is recognized globally; all you need do is obtain a prepaid sim card from the country you are visiting and your phone will work flawlessly in that location.

What is GSM?

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. One of the key features of GSM is the SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module). The SIM is a detachable card containing the user’s subscription information and phone book. A great benefit to the Sim Card is the user can change carriers while keeping the handset simply by changing the SIM Card.

Camera Megapixel Ratings

We have all heard of megapixels and know that typically the higher the megapixel count, the better quality picture you can print. However, just what size picture does a megapixel count truly allow you to print? If you plan to share or print the photos from your phone’s camera, use this handy chart to determine if the camera’s megapixel rating will suit your individual needs.

  • Under 2MP: E-Mail only
  • 2-3MP: 4×6 (postcard) prints
  • 5MP: 8×10 prints

Phone Memory

Unless otherwise stated, all phones we review here include a microSD card slot that will allow you to easily upgrade your phone’s memory to store more music, movies, and photos. Most Android phones can utilize up to 32GB of memory with the microSD card so you can rest assured that any of the phones we recommend here will certainly meet your memory space needs. A great benefit to having to microSD card installed in your phone, aside from memory expansion, is you can use it to backup your important contacts, photos and documents should something unfortunate happen to your phone.

Latest Reviews

LG Optimus One P500

The LG Optimus One is marketed as an all-around smartphone, perfect for those looking to dabble in chat, texting and internet browsing. With a screen size of 3.2″, the P500 is a decent compact phone that still packs enough punch to allow light gaming and video chatting (though make sure you’re connected to wi-fi). At its heart, the Optimus One is perfect for anyone looking to obtain a relatively inexpensive, solid performing phone. If you have a teenager looking for their first smartphone or even if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to an iPhone 4, the p500 will certainly fit the bill. Nokia Lumia 925

Sporting a camera with 3.15 megapixels, the Optimus p500 with certainly allow you to capture pictures with enough resolution to post to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. Looking to share your memories with family and friends? The Optimus One will allow you to print postcard size prints for your favorite photo… perfect for that family Christmas Card or specialized birthday greeting.

BLU Dash D150a Unlocked Android Phone

Released in December 2012, the Dash 150a from BLU Products is an overall nice compact Android phone. With a screen measurement of 3.2″, the phone is compact enough to easily fit in your pocket yet provides enough screen real estate to comfortably view the internet or watch a movie. For those looking for a stylish, compact Android phone, the BLU Dash should fully meet your needs. You can usually find the Dash D150a for under $80 which makes it a great bargain for anyone needing to replace a damaged phone or looking for a good, reliable budget priced cell phone. Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Another nice feature the Dash D150a includes is the ability to use dual SIM cards to allow the user to use two separate phone numbers. This is perfect for the person looking to separate business from personal events as you can have one line dedicated to business calls and clients and one line dedicated to your personal pursuits, family, and friends.

LG Optimus Chat C555

The LG Optimus Chat Android Phone is the perfect phone for someone looking for a great social media/texting phone. With a 3.15 megapixel camera, the LG Chat is perfect for capturing that great moment to post to Facebook or Instagram; with enough resolution for printing postcard size prints, you’ll also find the C555 ideal for sharing your photos with friends and family. Measuring in at 2.8 inches, the Optimus Chat’s screen size is compact enough to comfortably fit in a pocket or backpack yet large enough to view your Facebook profile or favorite webpage. With the slide-out full function QWERTY keyboard, you’ll find chatting with your favorite friend easy and efficient. At its heart, the C555 phone is designed for someone looking to text more than talk; if that’s you, then the LG Optimus chat is your ideal phone. Best Android Phone

How to find the Best Cheap Android Phone that meets your needs

Above you will find an interactive comparison chart of many of top cheap android phones on the market today. But before you get too excited over your next Android phone, let’s take a look at what’s on this guide. Overall, rather than taking someone’s advice on YouTube about what the best phone is, look at the options and criteria to help you make an informed buying decision. It is our goal to give you buying options so that you can pick the best cell phone plan that fits your unique, individual needs. Now that you have seen the options and reviewed our picks for the best cheap Android phones on the market, it’s up to you to pick what meets your needs, is in your price range, and has the features that are important to you.

As you know, new phones are coming to market all the time. For that reason, the comparison chart above will be updated as new phones need to be added to the list. If, however, you feel like we missed a great phone that needs to be included on the list, let me know using the contact form!


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